Information inquiry and other services

Terms Fee
Provide detailed account statement Per page-100 MNT
Statement: /Retail, Corporate/
Account statement /Mongolian/ 4,000 MNT
Account statement /English/ 4,000 MNT
Additional information provided by customer request 15,000 MNT
After the account has been opened and the account holder has 14 days or less from the change of the owner's account 30,000 MNT
To provide more copies of the statement  /from 1 per copy/ 1,000 MNT
A description of the loan analysis 30,000 MNT
Replicate revenue, expenditure and non-cash documents from the program 300 MNT
Copying documents from archives /from every receipt/ 3,000 MNT /within 1 year/
5,000 MNT /within 1-3 year/
10,000 MNT /above 3 year
Make a correction transaction from the customer's fault 500 MNT
Customer's statement No fee
Saving book 1,000 MNT
Cash check/ Corporate/
Per page  200 MNT
Per book /25 pages/ 4,000 MNT
Authorized Signature Form No fee
Cash income and expenditure form
Account opening request form
Account balance form of payment
*Explanation: - When requesting a bank reimbursement of the long-term document that can be printed from the client application, only the customer who made the transaction re-print the document.