Deposit box

We provide the "Deposit box" for the purpose of storing your documents, material values, monetary assets, and non-essential items in a safe and secure environment. This service will safely protect your values from fire, water, and theft. Also, the customer will only be able to store the box by itself because the key is kept customer. 

Service terms:

Size of the box (mm)
Period of save 
1-15 days 16-30 days 31-90 days 91-or above
1 56x30x52 700 MNT 650 MNT 550 MNT 500 MNT
2 56x30x22 500 MNT 400 MNT 350 MNT 300 MNT
3 56x30x11 450 MNT 350 MNT 300 MNT 250 MNT